26 February 2020

New Service Provision Offer: Eurailtest Provides Special Measurement Trains and Work Vehicles

Eurailtest, along with its partner, Infralog National (SNCF Réseau), provides a fleet of special vehicles and equipment dedicated to measurement, maintenance and worksites. To inspect and work on railway infrastructure, suitable vehicles and equipment are required. The provision of this equipment may be accompanied by assistance with project management by experts.

Measurement trains

Eurailtest has offered testing and measuring services relating to heavy and urban railway systems and sub-systems for over 20 years. In addition, Eurailtest provides its customers with measurement machines to monitor the infrastructure’s main features.

  • Track geometry monitoring
  • Observation and sounding of tracks, rails and overhead contact lines (OCL)
  • Measurements of electrical installations
  • etc

Work vehicles

Maintenance operations and railway infrastructure sites sometimes require specific trains and equipment. Eurailtest provides trains dedicated to infrastructure maintenance and also work vehicles that can be used on-site, particularly in tunnels or covered cuttings.

For more information on the full offer: contact@eurailtest.com


Photo credit: Quentin DROMER

The SIM wagon is owned by Eurailscout. It is dedicated to track geometry monitoring, rails and turnouts measurement, and monitoring by video.

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