Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Electrical supply

Eurailtest performs tests and measurements regarding electrical supply. These tests aim at measuring the electrocal performance of infrastructure, rolling stock and equipment.

Electrical performance of infrastructure and rolling stock

Check electrical characteristics of rolling stock and infrastructure in relation to customer technical specifications.

Tests objectives :

  • Check the consumption and/or quality of electric power supplies to sub-stations, rectifier sub-stations, complete railway lines or even escalators
  • Simulate the capacity of the line and its equipment under normal or downgraded conditions
  • Check the compliance of the electrical performance of rolling stock with specifications

Tests facilities :

  • Data loggers
  • Voltage sensors and data processing software
  • High-speed thermal cameras
  • Network analyzer with associated sensors (AC)

Testing norms :

All reference documents in force-

Particular technical specifications-


Power meter validation

Check the on-board power metering system.

Tests objectives :

Characterize the power consumption meter installed on a train

  • Measure pantograph voltage and current on board the train
  • Calculate energy consumed and injected back into the network
  • Ensure the development of finishing methods

Tests facilities :

  • Voltage sensor
  • Current sensor
  • Power metering software
  • Data acquisition board


Infrastructure-rolling stock interaction

Understand the origin of malfunctions related to interaction between infrastructure and rolling stock.

Tests objectives :

  • Measure current and voltage from the traction sub-station
  • Perform signal processing in order to identify the emergence of disruptive phenomena: Unexpected activation, pumping, harmonics, impedance, etc.

Tests facilities :

  • Voltage sensor
  • Amperometric clamp
  • Data acquisition board
  • SENTINEL software


Remote surveillance of feeder stations

Check the quality of power supply over a long period of time and ensure real-time reporting in the event of abnormal phenomena.

Tests objectives :

  • Measure current and voltage from sub-stations
  • Perform signal processing
  • Send e-mails including examples of interference signals
  • Display electrical parameters in real-time on a website

Tests facilities :

  • Voltage sensor
  • Amperometric clamp
  • Data acquisition board
  • SENTINEL software
  • 3G Modem


Electrical characterization of materials

Check electrical properties of materials for their qualification.

Tests objectives :

Determine insulation characteristics (volume and surface resistivity) and the behaviour under voltage of an insulating material (dielectric strength)

Tests facilities :

  • High voltage cage (AC/DC)
    – Up to 100 kV AC and up to 100 mA for leakage current
    – Up to 20 kV DC and up to 5 mA for leakage current
  • Teraohmmeter Picoammeter

Testing norms :

IEC 93 (NF C 26215)- Methods of test for volume resistivity and surface resistivity of solid electrical insulating materials

IEC 167 (NF C 26210)- Methods of test for the determination of the insulation resistance of solid insulating materials

Standards produced by operators-

Performances e¦ülectriques des infrastructures et du mate¦üriel roulant
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