Ethical approach

GIE Eurailtest has adopted a corporate ethics programme. It aims to combat corruption in accordance with the requirements of the “Sapin II” law by preventing the legal, financial and image risks that corruption poses.

Preventing and fighting corruption

GIE Eurailtest adheres to the SNCF’s Ethics Department .

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GIE Eurailtest has a code of conduct, periodically carries out a risk map, evaluates its customers and suppliers and carries out accounting controls. Its employees are trained in the risk of corruption and influence peddling. These internal measures are regularly monitored and controlled.

GIE Eurailtest’s ethics alert system is that of the SNCF. You can contact it directly to report any suspected breach of ethics and compliance, specifying that it concerns GIE Eurailtest

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Direction de l’Ethique Groupe

2, place aux Etoiles

93633 La Plaine Saint-Denis Cedex