12 October 2020

Lighting Measurements as part of The Renovation of MF 77 Metro Trainsets for ACC M

The MF77 rolling stock that runs on Line 7 of the Paris Metro is being renovated. ACC M (Ateliers de Construction du Centre), a company based in Clermont-Ferrand, has been selected to carry out this modernisation. As part of the renovation work, Eurailtest and its partner, the Test and [...]

1 October 2020

Eurailtest and its Partner Laboratory, The Railway Test Agency (AEF), Organise Tests on The T13 Locomotive

In partnership with ALSTOM, SNCB (the national railway company of Belgium) and LINEAS, Eurailtest and the AEF have performed tests on the Belgian T13 locomotive. Belgorail, appointed by Alstom as the certification body, requested Eurailtest to carry out the testing. These tests, conducted on [...]

19 June 2020

RER NG, the challenge of mobility in Île-de-France

The new train built by Alstom in partnership with Bombardier Transport will offer Île de France passengers comfort and modernity. The RER trainsets are under construction in northern France at Alstom’s Valenciennes-Petite Forêt site and at Bombardier’s Crespin site. The year 2020 marks the [...]

28 September 2020

Line 4 Trainsets Tested Before Their Transfer to Line 6 of the Paris Metro

For the purposes of type approving the MP89CC5V rolling stock, ALSTOM’s Reichshoffen site requested Eurailtest and its partner, the RATP Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM), to carry out dynamic and static performance tests. Alstom’s project involves transforming the 6-car version of the [...]

21 September 2020

Monitoring and reduction of micropollutants in facilities classified for environmental protection (ICPE)

 Maintenance centres, industrial sites and, more generally, all facilities classified for the protection of the environment (ICPE) and subject to authorisation must apply strict regulations with regard to searching for and reducing emissions of hazardous substances to water (RSDE [...]

15 July 2020

Measurements designed for urban light rail systems, either existing or under construction

Our partner laboratory, the RATP Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM), offers services associated with measuring “The electrical quality of traction return currents”. These measurements are performed on urban light rail lines, like the metro and tram. They are essential for existing networks [...]

26 February 2020

New Service Provision Offer: Eurailtest Provides Special Measurement Trains and Work Vehicles

Eurailtest, along with its partner, Infralog National (SNCF Réseau), provides a fleet of special vehicles and equipment dedicated to measurement, maintenance and worksites. To inspect and work on railway infrastructure, suitable vehicles and equipment are required. The provision of this [...]



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