1 July 2021

Two New Faces at Eurailtest

The beginning of July marked the arrival of new collaborators at Eurailtest.

10 June 2021

Renewed Research Tax Credit Approval for Eurailtest

Eurailtest supports its clients and partners in their research efforts by providing them with the Research Tax Credit (CIR). The CIR, is a tax aid intended to support companies in their work research and development and innovation.

24 May 2021

Railway Expertise Applied to Defence

A railway-type facility for the Defence sector was under review. A major industrial group specialising in lifting and handling systems called on the expertise of Eurailtest and its partner, the Railway Test Agency Laboratory (SNCF Voyageurs), to perform non-destructive tests to assess the [...]

20 April 2021

Future Electrical Interconnection Beneath the Channel

Eurotunnel has asked Eurailtest and its partners, the DGII ME and DGII TL laboratories (SNCF Réseau) to qualify the integration of a high-voltage link beneath the Channel. Siemens is the manufacturer and will conduct the integration tests. The role of Eurailtest is to check the interface [...]

20 April 2021

Elena Chinnappa - Fire Testing Officer

Elena Chinnappa is Fire Test Officer at the Test and Measurement Laboratory. She is one of seven members of the FER (Fire, Expert Analysis and Coverings) team. She performs fire tests on materials and equipment used in the rail sector and oversees management of the measuring equipement used [...]

25 February 2021

Watch a Video about Impact Tests Using Flying Projectile Simulations

Flying ballast caused by travelling at speed can be disastrous for composite materials present on trains or along tracks. So how do we determine the resistance of materials to impacts before they are put into service?

23 February 2021

Eurailtest and the AEF are Called on to Perform Periodic Inspections on the Saint-Louis-Arzviller Boat Lift

The Saint-Louis-Arzviller inclined plane is a unique structure in France. In operation since 1969, this boat lift avoids the need to pass through seventeen locks on the Marne-Rhine Canal. This unusual structure comprises a tank that carries the boats and counterweights, mounted on bogies [...]

25 January 2021

Black Box Surveillance: a New Type of Service Sought by Customers

Our partner laboratory, the Railway Test Agency (AEF), is offering a new remote measuring service using a “black box” type recorder. This is a service offered by our laboratory for carrying out surveillance and investigations primarily in the field of current collection, as well as numerous [...]

9 March 2021

Bastien Richard – Head of the Centre of Expertise in Non-Destructive Testing

Bastien Richard has been Head of the centre of expertise in Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) at AEF for ten years. With its team, Bastien conducts NDT inspection to determine the operational status of a component or structure without damaging it. NDT techniques are used to intervene at various [...]

19 June 2020

RER NG, the challenge of mobility in Île-de-France

The new train built by Alstom in partnership with Bombardier Transport will offer Île de France passengers comfort and modernity. The RER trainsets are under construction in northern France at Alstom’s Valenciennes-Petite Forêt site and at Bombardier’s Crespin site. The year 2020 marks the [...]

30 November 2020

Eurailtest renews its ISO 9001 accreditation

Following the Audit conducted on 20 October 2020 in Paris, Eurailtest has obtained the renewal of its ISO 9001: 2015 certification. The Audit concluded that Eurailtest has established and maintained a management system that meets the objectives set out in its mission to market consultancy [...]



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