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5 September 2022

Lubricants and Their Essential Role in the Railway Industry

Unscheduled work and failures can incur heavy costs. To alleviate such issues, the railway industry places strict demands on railway equipment and infrastructures. Many lubricants are used onboard rolling stock and in railway infrastructures to ensure optimum performance. These lubricants [...]

15 April 2022

InnoTrans 2022

Meet Eurailtest in septembre 2022 in Berlin at InnoTrans.

5 July 2022

A new partner for Eurailtest

On 30 June 2022, Eurailtest signed a partnership agreement with CERIB on the fire safety of railway infrastructure and vehicles.This new collaboration will enable us to offer, through a one-stop shop, complete, assembled services to meet the needs of companies and industrialists in the railway [...]

23 March 2022

TISSEO: Comparative Measurements on Two Generations of Rolling Stock

TISSEO, the company managing the public transport network in the city and region of Toulouse, has called on our partner, the Test and Measurement Laboratory (RATP GROUP), to perform measurements on two generations of VAL type rolling stock (VAL206 and VAL208NG). As part of investigations [...]

30 August 2019

Electrotechnical Testing Facilities

Eurailtest and its partner laboratory, the Railway Test Agency (AEF) are equipped with facilities for performing a wide variety of electrotechnical tests on railway equipment.

29 November 2021

Manufacturer Schweizer Electronic Calls on the AEF to Validate its Radio Warning Device

Eurailtest and its partner, the Railway Test Agency, have been commissioned to qualify and validate a Radio Warning Device (DAPR) for SCHWEIZER ELECTRONIC. This audible unit is a warning device positioned along the track to alert workers on site of a possible approaching train. The device [...]

15 November 2021

Eurailtest and its Partner Laboratories, the AEF and DGII-TE, are Key Players in the Dakar Regional Express Railway (TER) Project!

Eurailtest and its partner laboratories, the Railway Test Agency and DGII-TE, have been tasked with performing the tests to qualify the catenary in Dakar.

4 October 2021

The Train that is Revolutionizing Railway Maintenance and Safety

Called the IRIS 320 for Inspection Rapide des Installations de Sécurité (rapid inspection of safety installations), this TGV scrutinizes the railway network’s high-speed line (LGV) infrastructure, travelling at a top speed of 320 km/hour every two to three times a week to ensure the safety of [...]

24 May 2021

Railway Expertise Applied to Defence

A railway-type facility for the Defence sector was under review. A major industrial group specialising in lifting and handling systems called on the expertise of Eurailtest and its partner, the Railway Test Agency Laboratory (SNCF Voyageurs), to perform non-destructive tests to assess the [...]

20 April 2021

Future Electrical Interconnection Beneath the Channel

Eurotunnel has asked Eurailtest and its partners, the DGII ME and DGII TL laboratories (SNCF Réseau) to qualify the integration of a high-voltage link beneath the Channel. Siemens is the manufacturer and will conduct the integration tests. The role of Eurailtest is to check the interface [...]



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