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Current collection

Current collection quality and pantograph / OCL interaction are measured during online and rig tests. Innovative measurement methods are developed by Eurailtest such as instrumented pantographs.

Current collection - pantograph / OCL interaction

Optimizing the vehicle-infrastructure combination and the quality of current collection while limiting wear in the contact wire and pantograph strips, for type approval and development purposes.

Tests objectives :

  • Characterize and optimize the aerodynamic behaviour of the pantograph (uplift test)
  • Measure the lift force on the vertical axis of the pantograp strips, when not in contact with the overhead line
  • Assess OCL interaction, by measuring the arcs and the contact force between pantograph and OCL, in order to reduce incidents (e.g. dewiring)
  • Measure pantograph displacements and amplitudes of the pantograph and its components
  • Measure raising and lowering time of the pantograph, as well as the time taken for the delivery of power to cease
  • Determine the approach speed of the pantograph
  • Pinpoint possible anomalies on the network
  • Record additional parameters: Air pressure on the pantograph, speed and distance, video monitoring of the pantograph, environmental conditions temperature, humidity, wind speed)
  • Measure contact wire uplift

Tests facilities :

  • Data acquisition and processing devices (real time)
    • QMR-Cap: Load cells, accelerometers, wire displacement sensors, arc detection sensors
    • Videonum (video camera)
    • Thermo-Hygrometer
    • Anemometer
    • OCL mast detectors

Accreditations :

ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC

Testing norms :

NF EN 50367- Technical criteria for the interaction between pantograph and overhead line (to achieve free access)

NF EN 50317- Requirements and validation of measurements of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line

NF EN 50119- Fixed installations – Electric traction overhead contact line

NF EN 50206 1 & 2- Pantographs: Characteristics and tests -Part 1: Pantographs for main line vehicles – Part 2: Pantographs for metros and light rail vehicles

OP09932 (SAM E 903) (IN 2781)- Current collection – Pantograph-OCL interaction

OP09944 (SAM E-009)- Crossing phase separation sections

SAM X 001- Technical requirements, recommendations and best practices based on the experience acquired

TSI High Speed / Conventional Rail- Rolling Stock and Energy

Order of 19 March 2012-

Design and measurement of instrumented pantographs

Contributing to the current collection type approval process by checking pantograph-OCL interaction.

Tests objectives :

Design and validate the instrumented pantograph

  • Define instrumentation required for the test
  • CAD modelling of the pantograph
  • Design and develop specific sensors
  • Calibrate the instrumented pantograph on the test bench

Tests facilities :

  • 3D CAD software
  • 3D printer
  • Wind tunnel and calibration test bench
  • Sensors and patented systems

Testing norms :

NF EN 50317 – Current collection systems – Requirements and validation of measurements of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line

UIC 505-1 – Railway transport stock – Rolling stock construction gauge

Rig for testing current collection of vehicles at standstill

Qualifying the current collection of trains at standstill for access to the French network.

Tests objectives :

  • Validate the contact strips of a pantograph of a train at standstill under 1,500 V electrification, during current collection, in order to ensure that the OCL does not heat up beyond the limits specified.
  • Investigations in the static current collection field

Tests facilities :

  • Test bench: Current collection at standstill
  • Real-time data acquisition and processing devices
  • System measuring the temperature of the contact wire
  • System measuring contact forces and voltage in the overhead line
  • Ammeters

Accreditations :

ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC

Testing norms :

NF EN 50119 – Fixed installations – Electric traction overhead contact line

STI – Conventional rail “Rolling stock” and “Energy”

OP 09932 (SAM E-903) – Current collection – Pantograph-OCL interaction

French order of 19 March 2012

Banc de captage à l'arrêt

Current collection quality at standstill

Monitoring the behaviour of the electrical equipment on conventional or high-speed lines and, where necessary, issuing remote warnings.

Tests objectives :

  • Characterize the thermal (fracture) and electrodynamic behaviour of the electrical contact between the pantograph strip and the contact wire:
    – In nominal operation
    – Under maximum operating current
    – In the presence of a fault current (e.g. short circuit)
  • Simulate critical events in the pantograph-OCL environment in the following modes:
    – Nominal
    – Maximum operating current
    – Fault current

Tests facilities :

  • Design of mock-ups based on the particular specifications
  • Power supply sources – direct current up to 40 kA and alternating current up to 15 kA
  • Data acquisition chain for interpreting the values recorded



Conception et fabrication de pantographes instrumentés
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