Urban light rail

Network Diagnostics

Eurailtest offers to conduct dynamic measurements of the electrical and mechanical characteristics. Dynamic monitoring provides useful input for track maintenance by recording characteristic behaviour at interfaces.

Metro line recording train

Carrying out a dynamic diagnosis of sens interfaces (positive and negative break pads v. Vignole rails and traction rail), electrically and mechanically.

Tests objectives :

  • Electrical and mechanical interface fault diagnostics
  • Target and prioritizable maintenance
  • Identification of defects and their exact location
  • Expert technical analyses of the interfaces of rubber-tyred and light rail metro systems

Tests facilities :

  • Cameras for continuous break observation
  • Accelerometers to quantify the number of impacts
  • Voltage and current sensors to localize loss of power supply and current peak


Video-based pantograph gauge detection

Identifying the mechanical causes of abnormal wear in a pantograph.

Tests objectives :

  • Equip a pantograph with a removable device the geometry of which replicates the theoretical gauge of the pantograph bow
  • Pinpoint and identify the presence and the nature of an obstacle on the line.

Auscultation vidéo pour contrôle gabarit pantographe

Tests facilities :

  • Video cameras
  • Obstacle detection device
  • Doppler radar
comportement dynamique des frotteurs
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