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Rail and Track Testing

Eurailtest performs tests and offers expertise on infrastructure equipment and track components such as rails and turnouts.

Rails and turnouts

Contribute to the type approval process through metallurgical testing of infrastructure equipment – especially rails and turnouts.

Tests objectifs :

  • Analyze rails and other metal track components at our dedicated centre or in the field as part of studies, failure analysis and product or equipment type approvals
  • Approve thermit and electric welds
  • Monitor the electric welding process (bending test)
  • Classify broken rails
  • Reconstitute defects in 2D or 3D using destructive machining
  • Analyze damage to:
    – Infrastructure equipment
    – Rail welds
    – Frogs
  • Perform tests for validating electrodes or automatons

Tests facilities :

  • Macrographic and micrographic examinations
  • Hardness tests
  • Press (bending tests)
  • Ultrasonic tests
  • Eddy current test
  • Miniprof (measurement of rail crosssections)

Testings norms :

NF EN 14730- Track – Aluminothermic welding of rails

NF EN 14587- Track – Flash butt welding of rails

UIC 712 R- Rail defects


Composants de la voie

Track components

Testing and qualifying track components in the laboratory, especially sleepers, fastening systems and elastic components.

Tests objectifs :

  • Conduct sleeper tests
  • Perform testing of fastening system according to standards
    – Repetitive loading
    – Salt spray tests
    – Electrical resistance
  • Carry out specific testing of elastic components
    – Stiffness testing: Fasteners, rail and sleeper pads, ballast and under ballast mats
    – Attrition and fatigue testing: of ballasted track components: Fasteners, sleepers, rail and sleeper pads, ballast and under ballast mats
    – Fatigue testing of bonded insulated joints
    – Lateral resistance testing of sleepers

Tests facilities :

  • Hydraulic pulsators
  • Climate chamber
  • Salt spray chamber

Testings norms :

NF EN 13230- Track – Concrete sleepers and bearers

NF EN 13481- Track – Performance requirements for fastening systems

NF EN 13146- Track – Test methods for fastening systems


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