Heavy rail

Trackside Measurements

Understand the physical behaviour of the “vehicle-track” system through trackside measurements.

Tests objectives

  • Perform and supervise dynamic measurements on passing trains
    – Physical phenomena: Vertical and lateral forces exerted by the wheels on rails, stresses, forces and displacements on track components, structure deflection, accelerations on the rail, sleepers, track bed, etc.
    – Aerodynamic phenomena around the train: Air velocity along the train,pressure in tunnels and in the open air
    – Acquisition and use of data: Identification and characterization of traffic, natural frequencies and damping calculations, automating the acquisition and use of data
    – Remote monitoring of dynamic behaviour
  • Perform and supervise measurements of slow phenomena
    – Meteorological parameters
    – Development physical parameters over time – on track or on structures
    – Levelling checks, settlement monitoring
    – Measurement of neutral temperatures of CWR (Continuous Welded Rail) – nondestructive method VERSE
    – Lateral track resistance
    – Remote monitoring of slow phenomena

Testing norms

EN 14067 – Railway applications – Aerodynamics

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