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OCL testing

Eurailtest performs online tests and simulation to check the Overhead Contact Line (OCL) behaviour and the pantograph / OCL interaction.

3D Simulation of the pantograph-OCL interaction

Optimizing current collection and the various components.

Tests objectives :

  • Model all types of OCL system and pantographs
  • Develop and optimize OCL or pantographs
  • Validate systems during the design phase
  • Provide effective and cost-efficient solutions in order to improve current collection quality
  • Propose solutions to improve infrastructure and rolling stock components
  • Provide customers with the simulations required for certification of interoperability components as defined in the Technical Specifications for Interoperability

Tests facilities :

OSCAR® software developed by SNCF (EN 50318 certified)

Testing norms :

NF EN 50318 – Current collection systems – Validation of simulation of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line

NF EN 50367 – Current collection systems – Technical criteria for the interaction between pantograph and overhead line (to achieve free access)

Simulation 3D de l’interaction pantographe-caténaire

OCL uplift

Checking that overhead contact line uplift is compliant with the standards in force.

Tests objectives :

  • Check compliance with the criteria regarding contact wire uplift caused by the pantograph, in accordance with requirements mentioned in the interoperability standards and directives
  • Measure and record uplift of the contact wire whildue to passing trains
    – On various rail networks: 25 kV AC, 15 kV AC, 3 kV DC and 1.5 kV DC
    – On 2 adjacent tracks
    – Up to 4 consecutive masts per track
    – In both traffic directions
    – Up to V = 350 km/h
    – With an accuracy of under 5 mm
    – In all weather conditions (rain, fog, snow, etc.)
  • Measure meteorological parameters at OCL level: Wind speed and direction, humidity and temperature

Tests facilities :

“Catiris” measuring station

  • Potentiometric uplift sensors
  • Insulating arms for connection with contact wire
  • Surge devices
  • Reference power supply
  • Data acquisition system (installed within 500 m from sensors)

Testing norms :

NF EN 50317 – Current collection systems – Requirements for and validation of measurements of the dynamic interaction between pantograph and overhead contact line

NF EN 50119 – Fixed installations – Electric traction overhead contact lines

Conventional rail ENE TSI

High-speed ENE TSI


Dynamic monitoring of the overhead contact line

Overhead contact line geometry must be checked on a regular basis to avoid potential incidents. Our system can be placed on any flat unencumbered surface on the rolling stock roof and can be used to check contract wire geometry throughout the trip.

Tests objectives :

The system measures overhead line height and stagger using contactless technology

Tests facilities :

• Measuring system to detect the position of the overhead line (maximum two wires)
• Camera to locate the position of the masts
• GPS and radar to correlate measurements and locations

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