Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Signalling System

For type approval purposes, Eurailtest performs tests to verify the signalling systems conformity.

Qualification of GSM-R network for ETCS level 2

Qualify GSM-R network and assess its compatibility with the operational requirements of ETCS Level 2 (ERTMS).

Tests objectives :

  • Measure transmission errors in a specific environment
  • Qualify call setup performance
  • Carry out availability measurements and establish disconnection rates
  • Assess GSM-R network operation, redundancy and mobility in an environment with dual coverage
  • Define the optimization plan

Tests facilities :

  • Radio measurement system and onboard frequency scanner
  • Signal generator and train/ground data logger
  • Post-analysis tool for quality of service
  • Specific on-board system for measuring disconnection rates
  • Protocol analyzer

Testing norms :

Informative documents UNISIG – Subset 93

UIC references – O2475, O3031

Qualification du réseau GSM-R pour ETCS niveau 2


Contributing to the type approval process for the different levels of ERTMS on Lines in revenue service by validating system compliance.

Tests objectives :

  • Test and analyze the software part of the ERTMS system on bord of laboratory train for qualification purposes
  • Validate the different software versions of the ERTMS ground-to-train system with a dedicated power car

Tests facilities :

  • High-speed train equipped with Bi-standard (POS TGV, Dasye TGV, 2N2 TGV) authorized to run on HSL
  • Recorder of Bi-standard internal parameters (“Simulate” software)
  • System for recording train parameters: ATESS file, JRU file, default file MID
  • Equipment that can simulate different parameters corresponding to a train travelling normally: Speed, brush signals, etc.
  • Video cameras with real-time recording of the track and the DMI (Driver Machine Interface)

Railroad Track

Signalling via track circuits

Contribute to the type approval process of signalling systems for both new and modified lines.

Tests objectives :

  • Check short-circuit current (levels, crosstalk, etc.)
  • Check the presence of lateral impedance
  • Check continuous data transmission
  • Check intermittent data transmission
  • Check the wiring of phase-shift loops
  • Monitor track circuits (residual voltage)
  • Investigate the causes of track circuit malfunction

Tests facilities :

  • Multi-channel data acquisition device
  • Device installed on the LUCIE testing car

Testing norms :

Domestic reference documents in force

System dependability

Demonstrate the Reliability/Availability/Maintainability/Safety of urban rail transport systems.

Tests objectives :

  • Conduct safety studies on the signalling/ automation sub-system at the general design stage in accordance with the French “STPG” (Safety of Public Guided Transport) decree
  • Develop and independently evaluate the dependability of systems, safetycritical software and hardware at the detailed design stage, manufacture and implementation of “signallingdrive automation” sub-systems (metro, regional rapid transit and trams) in accordance with EN 50126
  • Study employability: Implementation of the new system in operating conditions
  • Develop overall “Reliability & Availability” processess: Definition of indicators, setting targets for each indicator, target allocation, predictive analysis at the design stage, design of validation tests, statistical analysis of feedback during operational monitoring, establishing replacement vehicle requirements.

Testing norms :

NF EN 50126 – Railway applications – The specification and demonstration Reliability, Availability, Maintainability and Safety (RAMS)

NF EN 50128 – Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Software for railway control and protection systems

NF EN 50129 – Railway applications – Communication, signalling and processing systems – Safety related electronic systems for signalling

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