Heavy rail

Radio-Electric Coverage

Checking that the radio coverage of railway equipment is compliant with the criteria in force.

Tests objectives

  • Install measuring and testing tools on test rail vehicles
  • Measuring RF power levels and potential interference (dynamic measurement at low and/or high speed) and convert information into ASCII or cartographic formats
  • Perform statistical processing of radio coverage and convert coverage criteria into graphic format
  • Measure the voice quality of the radio link
  • Develop optimization plans
  • Conduct technical and functional tests on the GSM-R ground-train radio system – in order to verify proper operation (static and dynamic tests)

Tests facilities

  • Railway coaches, road vehicles, “railway bicycles” (on the French network)
  • Radio measurement system
  • Radio measuring receivers
  • Trace mobiles
  • Test benches
  • Specific antennas installed on the test car roof
  • Positioning systems: Odometry, locator, GPS
  • GSM-R cab radio, GSM-R portable systems

Testing norms

UIC 751 – Railway radio equipment – Fixed and mobile units – General technical considerations

EIRENE FRS (Functional Requirement Specification) et SRS (System Requirement Specification)

ISO 9001 V2000

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