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Electromagnetic compatibily – Infrastructure

Eurailtest performs tests to verify the electromagnetic compatibility of infrastructure components with rolling stock.

Compatibility of electronic wheel detectors with rolling stock

Contributing to the type approval process of rolling stock by verifying the electronic wheel detectors.

Tests objectives :

Check that the electronic wheel detectors used in electronic treadles, axle counters and hot box detectors are not affected by rolling stock movements.

Tests facilities  :

  • Multi-channel digital recorder
  • Standalone temperature and humidity logger
  • Distortion meter

Testing norms :

OP 09913 (SAM S 005) – Protocol for testing compatibility of rolling stock with electronic wheel detectors

Electromagnetic compatibility of rolling stock with electronic wheel detectors

Checking that the magnetic fields generated by a train are compatible with the electronic wheel detectors, as part of the type approval process.

Tests objectives :

  • Measure the magnetic field in the 10 kHz to 1.3 MHz range at rail level during static and dynamic tests on rolling stock
  • Compare the levels of the magnetic fields generated by the rolling stock with the limits set by ERA in relation to the sensitivity of the electronic wheel detectors fitted on the European rail networks

Tests facilities  :

  • Four antennas to detect magnetic fields in 3 directions (two per stretch of rails)
  • Current sensor
  • Train positioning system
  • Electronic signal conditioning board
  • Digital signal capture system (15 measuring tracks with simultaneous sampling)
  • Measurement software as per the criteria of 50238-33

Testing norms :

CLC/TS 50238-3 – Compatibility between rolling stock and train detection systems Part 3: Compatibility with axle counters

PR NF EN 50592 – Testing of rolling stock for electromagnetic compatibility with axle counters

Technical specification – ERA/ ERTMS/033281- Interfaces between the “Control-Command and Signalling” sub-system and other sub-systems

Compatibilité des détcteurs électroniques de roues

Radiated electromagnetic field - railway system

Checking that a railway system complies with regulations regarding the electromagnetic emissions released into the outside world.

Tests objectives :

  • Measure levels of electromagnetic radiation – from 9 kHz to 1 GHz – released by the system into its environment
  • Compare these levels with the limits set by the EN 50121-2 standard
  • These tests can be performed at low speed, to test the effect of power stations (substation, power booster) on rolling stock, or trackside during the passage of a train at full speedle

Tests facilities  :

  • Spectrum analyzer
  • Measuring receiver
  • Loop antenna
  • Biconical antenna
  • Log periodic antenna
  • Masts

Accreditations :

ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC

Testing norms :

NF EN 50121-2 – Electromagnetic compatibility – Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world

Compatibilité électromagnétique du matériel roulant avec les detecteurs electroniques de roues
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