Heavy rail

Traction Chain Performance

Contribute to the development or qualification of traction chains for all types of rail vehicles – electric or diesel – through on board dynamic testing.

Tests objectives

  • Check traction chain performance criteria in relation to the TSI (energy consumption)
  • Determine performance of a power unit: Fj = f (V) curves during traction and electric braking
  • Determine power and energy (active, reactive and apparent)
  • Establish the power balance: Performance, power factor, etc.
  • Establish the energy balance
  • Determine resistance to forward motion values

Tests facilities

  • Data acquisition and processing devices (based on QMR-7)
  • Voltage and current sensors (single-phase and continuous)
  • Tachometric measuring device

Testing norms

EN 14067 – Aerodynamics – part 1: Symbols and units – part 2: Aerodynamics on open track

SAM X 006 – Data necessary for matching rolling stock to routes, establishing hauled load limits and potential acceleration

TSI – Energy, Rolling Stock – Conventional rail, High speed

Performance des chaines de traction
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