10 December 2020

The AEF Metrics Team Expands its Service to Provide Training and Support

Metrology is essential for applying and meeting the ISO 9001/ ISO 17025 certification and accreditation requirements. This expertise, frequently overlooked, serves to guarantee the validity and reliability of all the measurements and tests we provide.

Managing a stock of 15,000 pieces of measuring equipment, our partner laboratory, the Railway Test Agency (AEF), places metrology at the heart of each test and measurement it performs.

The AEF also offers support through its external management of equipment stocks and provides training on metrics and measurement uncertainties.

Optimisation and metrological calibration of measuring devices

Each year, the AEF’s metrics team calibrates more than 3,000 pieces of equipment. Measuring devices are calibrated and checked to ensure their validity and reliability.


Drawing on its expertise, the AEF offers external management of your stocks of measuring equipment. This type of service enables companies to guarantee the traceability of their measuring devices to the International System of Units. This is especially the case for the maintenance centres on whose equipment the AEF performs metrological calibrations, either in its laboratory, making full use of the equipment available there, or directly on site.

The AEF thus:

  • Calibrates measuring devices with respect to forces, acceleration pressures, torques, dimensions, temperature, hygrometry and electricity using gauges calibrated to the International System of Units (SI), and issues a calibration certificate or test assessment.
  • Carries out a metrics study and monitors the stock of measuring devices.

Training on metrics and measurement uncertainties

As an extension of its measurement services or when new equipment and devices are acquired, the AEF offers support and relevant advice.

Training can thus be arranged to:

  • Help set up metrics services
  • Provide key tools to appreciate metrology, to use measuring devices and to interpret the results.


Eurailtest and the AEF have already worked with the Corsican and Korean railway networks on the use of measuring equipment and interpreting the results.

For more information on the services offered by Eurailtest, please consult our catalogue.

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