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Endurance Test Rig for Geared Motors

Assess the reliability of geared motors and conduct failure analyses.

Tests objectives

  • Check the behaviour of a geared motor unit over time
  • Assess the various components of the geared motor
  • Identify and analyze failures of the geared motor (electrical and mechanical)
  • Conduct investigations
  • Measure vibration, torque, speed and temperature
  • Conduct physical and chemical analyses of grease and lubricants

Tests facilities

  • 2 three-phase converters used for powering two geared motors connected via a drive shaft:
    – a “motor” unit
    – a “load” unit
  • Test rig operation
    – Operating cycles adapted to requirements: Thermal loads, trip simulation
    – Operates round-the-clock, 7 days a week
  • Real-time monitoring and measuring system
  • Control systems capable of powering synchronous and asynchronous geared motors

Testing norms

According to customer specifications

Banc d'endurance des motoréducteurs
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