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Protection against radiation

Controlling the degree of exposure to ionizing radiation as part of efforts to obviate occupational hazards. Fulfilling the functions of the Radiation Protection Officer (RPO).


  • Produce an inventory of the sources of emission at the workplace
  • Assess ionizing radiation risks
  • Conduct the periodical internal checks required by the regulations
  • Organize/supervise the external verifications conducted by an approved authority
  • Contribute to the production of the requisite documents: single reference document, prevention plan, job reference sheets
  • Define and ensure the appropriate dosimetry
  • Define areas subject to the regulations or to the special regulations
  • Define the corresponding individual or collective forms of protection
  • Calculate the doses emitted by the sources of ionizing radiation to include this information in the staff exposure records
  • Train staff and make them aware of the dangers of ionizing radiation
  • Analyse contamination
  • Interact with the Occupational Health & Safety Committee and the departments to broadcast the results of analyses
  • Conduct expert assessments of radiation protection

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  • Atomtex AT1121 radiation dosimeter (for X-ray and gamma radiation)
  • Contamination meter (for alpha and beta rays)


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