Heavy rail

Electromagnetic impact – modelling and expertise

Study the electromagnetic compatibility of railway infrastructure projects from the design phase.

Tests objectives

  • Model existing systems in order to simulate electromagnetic interference
  • Assess dysfunctional facilities
  • Define methods of protecting employees with regard to electrical hazards and electromagnetic protection of equipment in accordance with standards and legal texts
  • Optimize electric traction and traction return systems as well as earthing networks

Tests facilities

  • ARCVIEW: Mapping software
  • Caryn: SNCF plug-in for the GIS ArcMap® software that calculates the influence of one circuit on another.
  • ModRGT and Graphcapture: Exploitation and interpretation of results
  • Modalf: Calculation of current and voltage at any point of a multicore model representing a rail system
  • CEPS: Helps estimate increase of soil voltage levels due to electricity pylons located near the railway line

Testing norms

EN 50121-2 – Electromagnetic compatibility – Part 2: Emission of the whole railway system to the outside world

EN 50443 – Effects of electromagnetic interference on pipelines caused by high voltage AC electric traction systems and/or high voltage AC power supply systems

EN 61000-2-12 – Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) – Part 2-12: Environment – Compatibility levels for low-frequency conducted disturbances and signalling in public medium-voltage power supply systems

EN 50121-1 – Electromagnetic compatibility – Part 1: General

IN 399 – Single-phase AC power line – Provisions to be applied to protect against the dangers from 25,000 V 50 Hz current

CEN TS 15280 – Evaluation of AC corrosion likelihood of buried pipelines – Application to cathodically protected pipelines

Volumes II to VII, IUT-T Directives – Protection of telecommunications lines against the harmful effects of electrical power and electrified railway lines, Geneva edition, 1999

IUT-T K.68 – Management of the electromagnetic interference on telecommunication systems caused by
power systems

French interministerial order of 17 May 2001 – Technical conditions to be met by energy distribution

French decree No. 2002-775 – Regarding limit values for public exposure to electromagnetic fields

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