Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Inspection and expertise of electrical systems and installations

Studying specific characteristics of the railway power supply system and electrical installations to deliver and implement suitable measurement provisions to ensure their compliance.

Test objectives

  • Assist customers with their project by analysing the parameters for its installation and its electrical system to ensure compliance
    • Eurailtest provides advice and assistance to the project manager in the development of specifications for designing future installations (earthing circuits, equipotential earthing and traction return current)
    • Provide support for the project during the works phase using the technical skills acquired on numerous projects associated with the development of rolling stock maintenance installations


  • Ensure that the installation is efficient in both nominal and downgraded mode and carry out checks on the protective provisions to ensure the safety of staff, primarily from electrical risks:
    • Compliance tests (visual inspection and functional checks, recording and analysing electrical phenomena, in operational mode or equivalent, to check that the installation complies with the regulations and/or technical characteristics defined by prior studies or simulations
    • Short-circuit tests in response to specific needs and in respect of risk analysis conducted to validate a study or to check behaviour in relation to the power supply diagram

Test resources

Adaptable to each maintenance centre or substation

Test standards

  • NFC 15-100 – Regulations on electrical installations
  • EN 50 122 – Railway applications – Fixed installations – Electrical safety, earthing and return circuit
  • EN 50 163 – Supply voltages of traction systems



Investigation sur systèmes et installations électriques
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