12 October 2020

Lighting Measurements as part of The Renovation of MF 77 Metro Trainsets for ACC M

The MF77 rolling stock that runs on Line 7 of the Paris Metro is being renovated. ACC M (Ateliers de Construction du Centre), a company based in Clermont-Ferrand, has been selected to carry out this modernisation.

As part of the renovation work, Eurailtest and its partner, the Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM), have been tasked with performing lighting measurements on two cars that have already been renovated, together with a trailer and a powerhead unit.

Lighting Onboard Trainsets: Measurements Ensuring Safety and Comfort

Lighting onboard the urban light rail rolling stock must meet the requirements of French Standard NF EN 13272-2. This standard establishes the minimal lighting levels in different parts of the passenger area and technical areas of each vehicle in normal operating conditions and emergency mode.

It also requires assurances that no person is exposed to glare from any light wherever they may be in the car.

These measurements will ensure that passengers in these trainsets enjoy visual comfort and optimal lighting during their daily commutes.

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