28 September 2020

Line 4 Trainsets Tested Before Their Transfer to Line 6 of the Paris Metro

For the purposes of type approving the MP89CC5V rolling stock, ALSTOM’s Reichshoffen site requested Eurailtest and its partner, the RATP Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM), to carry out dynamic and static performance tests. Alstom’s project involves transforming the 6-car version of the MP89 rolling stock (Paris Metro Line 4) into a 5-car version that will run on Line 6. The OCTYS train control system is also included in this transformation.

Performance and Safety Tests on MP89 Rolling Stock

Modification of this rolling stock requires validation of the safety and performance parameters. In this context and under the coordination of the teams responsible for the smooth running of these activities, the Mechanical Section of the LEM conducted various types of tests:

  • Dynamic braking performance tests on emergency brake and service brake systems (in accordance with Standards NF EN 13452-1 and NF EN 13452-2). Alongside the safety aspect, of prime importance in these tests, the various configurations and types of braking are tested to validate braking performance for a wide range of the trainset’s operating modes.
  • Dynamic traction performance tests. These tests make sure that the parameters recorded during the trainset’s traction phases comply with the specifications.
  • Locking brake performance tests. These tests, also with a safety aspect, are used to identify the holding forces of the locking brakes.


To conduct these tests, the trainsets tested are equipped with:

  • accelerometers to determine acceleration, deceleration and jerk during the different test configurations;
  • a radar for measuring the train’s speed and distances travelled;
  • sensors measuring pressure in the braking system;
  • thermocouples for checking the temperature of brake components;
  • a load cell for locking brake performance tests.


These test campaigns were carried out in several stages between January and September 2020 at ‘CEF1’ test ring at Petite-Forêt and on the RATP rail network.

The Eurailtest and LEM teams set to work on a tight schedule and, despite the prevailing health situation, managed to successfully complete this major project for ALSTOM and RATP.


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