17 July 2017

Zoom on Failure Analysis

OPERATORS, MAINTAINERS, do you have rolling stock or infrastructure components that are failing in service for reasons that you cannot explain?

But to find the right answer to a problem at the right cost, you first need to understand the root causes of the incident. This is the only way to be sure that, post-repair, the required availability levels will be restored and maintained.

By working with the laboratories of France’s two main railway operators, Eurailtest EIG can offer rail sector failure analyses for a large number of rolling stock components, including running gear, transmission components, diesel engines, pantographs, brake gear, parts made of polymers or composite materials, etc. The same applies to infrastructure: rails, signalling relays, overhead contact lines, to name but a few.

In addition, on more than one occasion Eurailtest has applied its skills and expertise to non-railway fields. For more information, consult our “Failure analysis” case study and our on-line “Failure analysis” product fact sheet.