17 July 2017

EURO DUAL Locomotive Undergoes Uplift Tests in Romania

This summer, Eurailtest has been exporting its skills and experience to more easterly parts of the European Union, to Romania to be more precise.

For its client STADLER, Eurailtest has been conducting uplift tests on the EURO Dual locomotive.


Uplift tests serve to characterise and optimise the aerodynamic behaviour of a pantograph. Tests on this particular locomotive concerned calibration of the two pantographs and were conducted on the test ring at Faurei, a first for Eurailtest!

The instrumentation phase took place in the first week of July in preparation for test runs scheduled the following week.

EURO Dual locomotives offer maximum operating flexibility:

Depending on power supply possibilities, or simply to provide “last mile” services for the final leg of a trip, they can operate under 25kV 50Hz or 1.5kV DC electrification or under diesel power.

Locomotives also boast design innovations enabling them to combine diesel and electric propulsion to boost their power rating and afford them maximum versatility.

Locomotive Euro Dual