22 October 2020

A relationship of Trust Between Bombardier Transportation and Eurailtest

Eurailtest and its partner laboratory, the AEF (Railway Test Agency), are renewing their annual contract with Bombardier Transportation for routine testing and delivery of the Regio 2N and NAT trainsets at SNCF Voyageurs maintenance centres.

More Than 10 Years of Continued Cooperation

After performing the type approval test campaigns for the Bombardier NAT and Regio 2N trainsets, since 2009 Eurailtest has been tasked with conducting routine testing on these trains:

– Since 2014, 243 Regio 2N TER trainsets have been delivered regionally.

– Similarly, Eurailtest has routine tested and delivered 272 NAT trainsets in 10 years!

Eurailtest handles all deliveries to SNCF Voyageurs maintenance centres, acting on an independent basis to offer its customer greater flexibility.


2020: Regio 2N ONO Trainsets Enter Revenue Service

After the type approval test campaign for the ONO trainsets in 2018 and 2019, Bombardier has entrusted Eurailtest and the AEF with routine testing and deliveries at maintenance centres.

As with the NAT trainsets and other Regio 2N series, Eurailtest is working with Bombardier on planning as well as handling routine test runs and delivery ahead of their entry into revenue service.

The “premium” trainsets of the Regio 2N range are designed to cover longer distances, are faster, (200 km/h versus 160 km/h) and offer greater onboard comfort.

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