Electrical Power Conversion and Distribution Unit (TDE) of the Infrastructure Management Department (GDI) at RATP (RATP – GDI TDE)

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The Electrical Power Conversion and Distribution Unit (TDE) is part of the Infrastructure Management Department (GDI) at RATP and is responsible for designing, developing, operating, maintaining and renewing the electrical power supply installations of all the company’s “traction” networks (metro, rapid transit, tram) and its lighting power networks.

It manages the 7 HT stations, the 220 rectifier units, the 350 lighting power stations and some 2,000 km of electrical cable. It has a workforce of approximately 540 people.


RATP – GDI TDE is responsible for manging all power supplies at RATP, in other word 1.4 billion KWh per year, from procurement to delivery to clients at the requisite user voltages, “clients” being either the transport network operator or other maintainers.

More specifically, it handles:

  • Operation, preventive and remedial maintenance for the whole HT network (HT stations – cables – rectifiers – lighting power),
  • Preventive and remedial maintenance on the LT traction power distribution network for the Rapid transit (RER) and Tram systems (overhead contact system or aerial contact line) and for the metro system (750V power supplies to the third rail),
  • Preventive and remedial maintenance of lighting and LT supplies in the areas between stations, at the lighting power stations, RER and tram workshops and tram stations,
  • Maintenance of HT, cable, lighting power and aerial contact line installations. N.B. Maintenance of the rectifiers, other traction equipment and LT facilities is handled by the ING Department acting on behalf of TDE.
  • Operations connected with electrical lock-out for maintainers, engineers or outside companies so requiring,
  • Measurement of all RATP earthing systems.


The Unit also has the task of providing engineering services to in-house or outside clients for all equipment falling within its scope.

For this, it is organised in 2 centres and one operational group:

Operation and Maintenance of the HT network (EMHT)

EMHT is in charge of the operation and preventive and remedial maintenance of HT equipment such as the HT stations, the rectifier stations, the lighting power stations and the 15 kV cables.

Metro traction activities consist of the preventive and remedial maintenance of all the connector and disconnector equipment between the rectifier stations and the third rail system: workshop alarms, heater elements, traction equipment.

Maintenance of LT overhead lines (MCBT)

MCBT is responsible for the electric traction power distribution of the RER and tram networks and for their preventive and remedial maintenance engineering. It maintains the overhead contact lines and carries out all necessary work. The Unit also handles the LT power supplies for the lighting between stations and the lighting power stations of the RER.

TDE’s role consists of ensuring the availability of the requisite electricity power supplies under secure operating conditions and in line with its economic, social and environmental obligations.



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