17 July 2017

Eurailtest’s Summer 2017 Projects

This summer, our test teams have been busily beavering away on your projects.

Their attention has first turned towards eastern Europe, where two campaigns are in progress, one on the test ring at FAUREI (Romania) for Stadler and its EURO Dual locomotive, the other at VELIM (Czech Republic) for Alstom and its Regiolis CEVA. The Regiolis CEVA campaign will continue in 2018 on the French national network (RFN) with further electrical and dynamic behaviour tests.

Other topical developments include:

  • The 20th anniversary of the Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM), a Eurailtest partner since 1999, affording us the opportunity to look back in time.
  • The opening of the SEA and BPL high-speed lines on 2 July last, for which Eurailtest provided a broad range of testing services in connection with type approval.
  • In passing, we are also pleased to announce that, this summer, our teams will be involved in speed ramp-up tests on the Nimes and Montpellier bypass (CNM). Watch out for a detailed article on the subject in our next newsletter.
  • Last but not least, the spotlight is on one of the many specialist services offered by our partner laboratories, namely fault analysis, for which a case study is proposed.

Have a great summer.




cyril charbonnet, administrateur eurailtest