16 September 2016

SEA HSL Testing Campaign in Progress

Following several months of preparations (train path application procedures, feasibility condition studies, test train preparation and equipment, safety case completion), the TGV DASYE high-speed train was finally transferred to the test site at end July.

Specially prepared by the East European Technicentre (TEE) and fitted with the necessary test instruments by AEF, the train was put through its first paces during speed ramp-up tests on Track 1 of the central section between the site at Thure and Juillé junction.

Various tests are scheduled between now and the end of the year on this same section of line with the train being regularly serviced and maintained at the Atlantic Technicentre in Chatillon. For track on the new high-speed line to be approved, tests have to be carried out into factors such as current collection quality, dynamic behaviour, GSMR, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), noise and aerodynamic performance. The second series of tests is due to start this month at junctions interfacing with the existing national French network (RFN).

Every day, some forty members of the AEF team board the trainset to supervise and monitor test procedures.

Rame essais LGV SEA