Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Mechanical and metallurgical characterization

Designing, developing, qualifying and conducting expert appraisals on a wide variety of metal parts.

Tests objectives

  • Perform services related to the life cycle of a metal part or component (all types of bearings and springs, engine and drive train components, couplers, etc.)
  • Assist in the development of specifications
  • Assist in the finalisation process
  • Qualify parts or components according to technical requirements or specifications
  • Analyze failure during the life of the part or component
  • De-specialize
  • Assess life potential
  • Perform expert legal analyses

Tests facilities

  • Tools used to characterize materials and their heat treatment: tension/compression and hardness testing machines, pendulum, optical microscopes, etc.
  • Scanning electron microscope
  • Roughness tester
  • Portable diffractometer to assess residual stresses and residual austenite

Testing norms

According to the part or component to be tested

Pieces ou organes métalliques
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