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Drop Shunt Tests

Eurailtest performs tests to check the drop shunt capacity of rolling stock, online and on a test rig.

Drop shunt phenomena

Checking the drop shunt capacity of rolling stock for type approval purposes.

Tests objectives:

Monitor and record all the drop shunt characteristics of tractive and trailing stock

Tests facilities:

  • Synchronization of data acquisition systems by GPS-CLOCK
  • Specially equipped track section in Plouaret (Brittany, France)
  • Data acquisition and processing unit

Testing norms:

(SAM S 004) (OP 009912) – Drop shunt capacity of rolling stock and brake shoes


Drop shunt test rig

Check the influence of brake shoes on track circuit shunting.

Tests objectives:

  • Conduct reduced scale, simulations of “wheel-brake shoe” braking
  • Provide decision-making support for selecting the best friction material (for a given application)
  • Help demonstrate thedrop shunt capacity of the materials used to make the brake shoes installed on wagons
  • Help optimize drop shunt tests on the open line for rolling stock equipped with brake shoes (other than wagons)
  • Measure the effects of pollution of a brake shoe or material on a sample of wheel steel

Tests facilities:

  • Drop shunt test rig (including 2 samples of brake shoes rubbing on a disc)
  • Tools for measuring engine speed, contact force and braking torque
  • 2 thermocouples embedded in the wheel steel sample

Testing norms:

UIC B169/RP 33 – Effect of composite braking materials on track shunt

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