Heavy rail

Diagnosis of cables and malfunction detection in high-voltage overhead lines

Take delivery of new installations, assess the remaining life expectancy of connections and locate defects on cables in high-voltage overhead lines.

Test objectives

  • Detect ageing or downgrading of cable insulation by measuring the insulation resistance
  • Detect an electric current leakage that may indicate the presence of humidity or downgrading of cable insulation by measuring the tangent delta
  • Locate a weak point on the cable by measuring the partial discharge
  • Pre-locate a clear defect by measuring the pulse reflection
  • Pre-locate an unclear defect by performing a surge arc reflection
  • Determine the condition of the external sheath of a cable by conducting sheathing defect tests

Test resources

  • FLUKE FL 1555
  • MEGGER MT1025
  • PA-TaD (Baur)
  • PROTRAC (Baur)
  • Baur vehicle laboratory
  • Hagenuk vehicle laboratory
  • VIOLA TD (Baur)

Test norms

IEEE 400.2 – Guide for Field Testing of Shielded Power Cable Systems Using Very Low Frequency

Diagnostic de câbles et recherche de défaut dans le domaine HTA
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