4 March 2024

Change of management and a new administrator at the head of the Eurailtest administration.

Franck POISSON administrator of GIE Eurailtest since March 1 2020, handed over to Frédéric BALLEREAU this Thursday 29 February 2024.

A new beginning for the former administrator of EURAILTEST

Franck POISSON, administrator of GIE Eurailtest since March 1, 2020, passed the hand to Frédéric BALLEREAU making hime the new administrator of Eurailtest this Thursday, February 29, 2024.

It is in the presence of members of the CODIR including the president Thierry Fort and Raphael BLANCHARD as well as Clément Basset, Renaud CLEMENT and the whole team of Eurailtest, that Franck POISSON warmly greeted everyone. Additionaly Franck POISSON express his thought for the partner laboratories and the various actors he has worked with during these 4 years of exercise.

The entire EURAILTEST team thanks Franck POISSON for his unfailing professionalism and his natural kindness.

We wish Franck a good start as Head of the innovation division within the CIM, and Frédéric BALLEREAU as a new director.