8 July 2016

Radiation Protection Advisory Services

Eurailtest recently added radiation protection advisory services to its portfolio. Analyses are performed by Radiation Protection experts to ascertain exposure to ionising radiation and ensure this particular occupational hazard is kept under control.


Cyrille COMPERE, the Radiation Protection expert at our partner AEF (the Railway Testing Agency), the sums up situation in the following words:

“Ionising radiation a very specific type of hazard that needs to be systematically analysed and compared with the statutory limits. In general terms, the use of radiation is governed by stringent regulations.

The laboratories at AEF were recently commissioned by SNCF in connection with the use of X-ray scanners. This is an area where AEF’s experts are the logical partners for those wishing to alleviate the ionising radiation risk.

At Lille Europe and Paris Gare du Nord stations, for example, passengers travelling on Thalys trains and their luggage have been subject since 20 December 2015 to more stringent pre-boarding inspections and Eurostar access controls have been stepped up a further notch. All passengers are submitted to security screening procedures and their bags put through X-ray scanning machines.”