Track Test Centre (SNCF – CEV)

Tests on track components. SAINT-OUEN


The Track Test Centre (CEV) located in the inner suburbs of Paris at Saint-Ouen specialises in tests on track components (sleepers, fastening systems, under-sleeper pads and under-ballast mats). The laboratory, which reports to the Engineering & Projects Division of SNCF Réseau, has honed its international experience and unprecedented knowledge of the ballasted and ballastless track sector since 1946.


  • Tests on concrete sleepers according to EN 13230
  • Tests on plastic sleepers according to the draft European standard
  • Tests on fastening systems according to EN 13481 & EN 13146
  • Tests on under-sleeper pads (USP) according to EN 16730
  • Tests on under-ballast mats (UBM) according to the draft European standard
  • Rail weld fatigue tests according to EN 14587
  • Expert analyses of ballasted and ballasted track component failures


  • Specialisation in track components
  • Active participation in the work of standards groups (NF, CEN, ISO & UIC)
  • Ultra-responsiveness


The laboratory has ISO 9001 certification and is compliant with the requirements of the ISO 17025 standard.

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