4 March 2020

Franck Poisson Becomes Eurailtest’s Administrator

Franck Poisson at the head of Eurailtest from 1 March 2020.

Portrait of Franck Poisson

Franck Poisson holds a PhD in Acoustics and Signal Processing from the Université du Maine. Franck founded a company dedicated to acoustics measurements before joining SNCF in 1999. Within the Innovation & Research Department, Franck worked as an acoustic specialist and as a railway system safety expert. He managed and coordinated international research projects.

Before taking over the reins of Eurailtest, Franck was deputy Director, technical manager of the Railway Test Agency (SNCF Voyageurs), Eurailtest’s main partner laboratory.

Franck will share his extensive knowledge of the railway industry and his test expertise to contribute to Eurailtest’s performance and development.

Franck’s ambition for Eurailtest: becoming a leader in railway testing in France and abroad and developing innovative services by working closely with our partners.

“Together with our partner laboratories we will continue to offer our clients optimized and tailor-made services. Expertise and customers satisfaction will remain our top priorities.”

The Eurailtest team would like to welcome Franck to its ranks and is looking forward to working with him.