16 January 2020

Fire Performance Tests for Cables and Materials

Eurailtest and its partner, the RATP Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM) offer you various services for the qualification of equipment and materials in terms of fire safety. These services apply to the rail sector and also to the field of new constructions.

Varied skills in FIRE tests

The LEM has accreditation ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC and is a System 3 notified body in accordance with the Construction Products Regulation (CPR). This enables it to offer two types of service in its catalogue:

  • Tests for the reaction of materials to fire in accordance with EN 45545
  • Qualification tests for the CPR: fire performance tests for cables.

Since 1st January 2018, in order to be marketed all rail materials and equipment must be qualified in accordance with the standard, EN 45545. The LEM makes it possible to perform many services in terms of materials’ reaction to FIRE due to its test benches: radiant panel, cone calorimeter or the smoke chamber.

As for the 27m³ caisson and the test cabin for ribbon cables, they make it possible to assess the fire performance of cables.

With its network of experts, European standards committee members, as well as high performance equipment, Eurailtest meets the needs of its clients with expertise and responsiveness. Eurailtest also offers consulting services and support in understanding the regulations and standards in force.


Customer Testimonial

In the context of this article, Eurailtest has asked the opinion of Mr Nabha, study technician for GREMTEK, who regularly orders FIRE tests to qualify his products in the rail sector:


“For two years I have been working with Eurailtest and the LEM to perform tests on my products, in accordance with the EN 45545 standard and I have never been disappointed with their services.

Their professionalism and flexibility guarantee that I always have a clear, precise result. This enables us to optimise and improve our products. I appreciate this team’s responsiveness. It is very pleasant working with them.”


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