15 December 2016

Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

New regulations governing worker exposure to electromagnetic fields


Decree 2016-1074 of 3 August 2016 on protecting workers against the risks caused by electromagnetic fields will come into force on 1 January 2017, in application of Directive 2013/35/EU. The RATP’s Test and Measurement Laboratory (LEM-RATP) is naturally adapting its procedures to cater to these new regulations. Previously LEM worked to the now superseded Directive 2004/40/EC and can, therefore, boast 10 years of in-depth experience in this field. In addition, in 2015 it acquired COFRAC accreditation for measurements in accordance with the ANFR protocol, the purpose of which is to ensure compliance with the limits set for public exposure to electromagnetic fields.

The decree stems directly from the need to protect employees against the risks inherent in electromagnetic fields. It obliges employers to assess all the risks created by the electromagnetic fields to which their staff are exposed at the workplace. The aim of such assessments is to identify the exposure limit values (ELV) and action levels (AL) applicable to the particular workplace, establish the likelihood of these values being exceeded and decide, where applicable, on any necessary preventive measures and action.

In addition to conducting measurements and on the strength of its rail sector experience, LEM can help its customers to classify the sources of electromagnetic fields, select suitable preventive measures to alleviate the risks of exposure to these fields, raise staff awareness and provide them with the appropriate training.

Thanks to the skills and experience of LEM, Eurailtest is in a position to partner you in enforcing the new regulations, offering advice and conducting measurements in areas such as electric buses, railway rolling stock, maintenance workshops, radio sites, service buildings, transformer stations, etc.