Innovation at our partner laboratory: Agence d’Essai Ferroviaire

Franck POISSON, Eurailtest‘s director, had the honour of attending the long-awaited inauguration of the Composite Techlab and Fablab, marking a major step forward in rail innovation.

Considered to be a pioneering achievement, it represents the first composite rail test laboratory in France, demonstrating the SNCF’s growing expertise in the field of train lightening.

In addition to the Composite Techlab, the introduction of the Fablab, a space dedicated to innovation and enabling greater responsiveness on certain services, marked an important step in this development.

The event immersed participants in the progress made by AEF SNCF Voyageurs SNCF Voyageurs Matériel, with 7 stands showcasing their expertise.

The day’s programme was punctuated by inspiring speeches from Xavier OUIN, Thierry Fort, David De Almeida and Hervé Pellois, visits to the 7 stands on AEF and CIN services, and of course, the official inauguration of the Techlab Composite and Fablab laboratories.

A big thank you to everyone who organised and contributed to this event and made it possible to share this historic moment !