16 September 2016

New Collaboration Between Eurailtest and TCDD

Over the past year, the Eurailtest sales team has been working to forge a partnership with TCDD-DATEM*, hosting a visit from the Turkish delegation in early June.

This provided an excellent opportunity for Eurailtest to demonstrate the wide range of skills and services of its member laboratories, discussions with the line and rig test experts proving conclusive for the Turkish delegation.


The first stage of this new partnership will consist of advice and training in railway dynamics in accordance with EN 14363 (UIC 518) delivered by a team consisting of the following CERTIFER-approved experts: Christine FUNFSCHILLING, Rail System Physics Expert in the SNCF Research & Innovation Department (R&I), Patrick DUPONT, Railway Infrastructure Dynamics Expert in the SNCF Engineering & Projects Division (I&P), Frédéric DESGACHES, Railway Dynamics Expert at the SNCF Rolling Stock Engineering Centre (CIM) and Jérôme CARAVIEILHES, Railway Dynamics Expert in the Structures and Dynamics Unit of the SNCF Railway Test Agency (AEF).


This first contract signals the start of what could develop into a fine example of Franco-Turkish cooperation.


*TCDD: Turkish State Railways. DATEM: Railway Research and Technology Center