6 January 2021

Now Out: Eurailtest Catalogue 2021 Edition

As a reference guide, the catalogue lists all the railway testing and consultancy services proposed by Eurailtest. The 2021 edition is updated with new test and measurement services provided by our partner laboratories.

Discover The Full Scope of Eurailtest Activities

Eurailtest catalogue introduces a comprehensive range of railway tests and expertise.

Since its founding in 1999, Eurailtest has continuously developed and strengthened its offer to meet the market requirements and our customers’ needs. Therefore, since its first edition in 2014, Eurailtest catalogue has been updated and expanded on a regular basis with new expertise and activities.

Among the 115 services introduced, the following new activities have been released in this latest edition:

  • Mechanical tests on catenary components
  • Inspection and expertise of electrical systems and installations
  • Instrumentation and remote measurements
  • Diagnosis of cables and malfunction detection in high-voltage overhead lines

Designed as a guide to steer you through the complex world of railway tests, the new catalogue is easy to use, whether you are a rolling stock or original equipment manufacturer, an infrastructure manager, an operator or civil engineers, etc.

We are happy to share the 2021 edition and hope you will find it both helpful and instructive!

The catalogue is available online but the printed version may also be obtained at contact@eurailtest.com