12 June 2018

Electronic Wheel Detector Tests Performed on Stadler Eurodual Locomotive

Eurailtest and the SNCF Réseau Test & Measurement Department join forces to perform successful test on the compatibility of electronic wheel detectors (DER) with the Stadler Eurodual locomotive.

In our last newsletter, we published an article on “Tests for Eurodual on the French national rail network (RFN)”. These are now to be followed by tests to establish the compatibility of Eurodual and the detectors present on the network. The SNCF Réseau Test & Measurement Department and, more particularly, its Signalling Equipment Section (MAS) will be playing a leading role.

These tests have to be completed before rolling stock can be given permission to operate on lines in France. Electronic wheel detectors form part of the railway safety equipment installed on the RFN. They serve to detect the presence of rail vehicles on the track to ensure the safety of train movements.

Tests will be conducted in accordance with the SAM S 005 protocol of the French Railway Safety Authority (EPSF), which specifically governs the conditions for conducting rolling stock/electronic wheel detector compatibility checks. Test runs are to be performed with the Eurodual locomotive for a variety of power supply and traction conditions:

  • under diesel power in Belgium
  • under electric power at 25 KV 50 Hz on CEF2
  • under electric power at 1.5 KV at Laroche-Migennes

When tests have been completed, test reports will be drawn up and Stadler will be able to embark on procedures to obtain permission for its Eurodual stock to be worked in France.

The skills and know-how of staff at the Test & Measurement Department have been recognised since 2016 by CERTIFER, which awarded them competency certification in line with the EN 17025: 2005 standard and MAC-SAM X 009, for performing tests on rolling stock and electronic wheel detector compatibility in application of the latest version of SAM S 005.

We should like to take this opportunity of thanking the MAS Section of the Test & Measurement Department, especially its Manager, Pascal GOADELOT, for their cooperation.