30 November 2017

EN 50575 Cable Compliance Standards

Since the 1st of July 2017, the Construction Products Regulation (CPR) which regulates the free movement of products demands a declaration of performance and a CE marking for all commercialized cables in the European Union.
The cables concerned are all of the cables installed in buildings or other engineering structures, data and telecommunication cables included.


The reaction to fire performances are named in the harmonized standard EN 50575 (closely linked to the CPR). These performances are one of the few requirements for any cables that are meant to be incorporated in long-term constructions.

These performances – Euroclasses – are defined in the EN 13501-6 standard. They correspond to a set of five tests that enable to identify the class (A to F) and other complementary classifications (s : smoke emission, d : flammable material drop and a : smoke acidity).

Side note : the CE marking of Euroclasse cables A, B1, B2 and C must be managed by a 1+ notified body. As for the other cables, the evaluation by the laboratory test is suffcient.

These tests, (apart from the EN ISO 1716) are performed by our partner laboratory Laboratoire Essais et Mesures (LEM).

The LEM is a COFRAC certified and RPC notified (system 3) institution with 30 years of experience in the field of fire reaction. It delivers test reports and accompanying letters for the Euroclass determination.

NANDO : NB 2745


Heat measurement and smoke density
during the flame propagation test
EN50399 performed in a test cabin «CPR»



Flame propagation test on
isolated cables — EN 60332-1-2
performed with a 1kW burner.
This is the only test to perform
for the Euroclass E.



Smoke density measurement test
EN61034-2 performed in a 27m³ box.



Smoke acidity and conductivity
measurement test —EN 60754-2
performed in a tubular fumace.

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