15 December 2016

Eurailtest to Perform Tests for Bombardier Transport Germany

Eurailtest partners Bombardier Transport (Germany) for TRAXX locomotives

As a direct result of contacts established at the InnoTrans 2016 Trade Fair, Eurailtest will be partnering Bombardier Transport (Germany) for tests on its TRAXX locomotives in 2017.

To obtain type approval of the pantographs of Bombardier Transport (Germany) TRAXX locomotives, tests will be performed on the line to measure the approach speed of the pantograph to the overhead contact line as part of the test campaign on these locomotives. Between the end of February and March 2017, the teams at our partner laboratory at the Railway Test Agency (AEF-SNCF) will be carrying out these tests on lines between Les Aubrais and Vierzon (Loir et Cher) in France. Measurements will be carried out into bow height in order to establish the vertical approach speed of the pantograph during lifting operations. They will also be the opportunity to record contextual parameters such as distance markers, locomotive speeds, etc. A 6-van trainset will be used with the TRAXX locomotive for testing purposes. As part of its service, Eurailtest is also organising the train paths needed to transfer the locomotive from Les Aubrais to Forbach.

Measuring equipment will be compliant with the EN 50317 standard, while the pantograph-overhead line interaction tests conducted by AEF are COFRAC accredited (Accreditation No. 1-0240).