1 March 2019

AEF’s Accreditation: Update of the Scope

In order to keep meeting the needs of our clients the best we can, our partner laboratory, the Railway Testing Agency (AEF), has secured  expansions of its COFRAC accreditation.

The scope of this change is related to three areas in particular:


  • Water content of lubricating greases:
    • Coulometric titration using the Karl Fischer method on the water contained in the product to be tested after evaporation in an oven, according to the NF T60-637 standard (FLEX1 flexible scope)


  • Metals in wastewater
    • Aqua regia mineralization and dosage by ICP/MS dosage for aluminum, arsenic, antimony, cadmium, chromium, copper, tin, iron, manganese, nickel, total phosphorus, lead, and zinc, according to the NF EN ISO 15587-1 and NF EN ISO 17294-2 standards (FLEX1 flexible scope)


  • Sound pressure level
    • Measuring the noise from the speakers of exterior doors on “Passenger” cars, per the TSI PMR “Persons with Reduced Mobility” (FLEX1 flexible scope)


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