17 October 2022

Our partner, AEF, acquires a more efficient rail roughness measurement system.

The roughness of the rail is an important and decisive parameter of the acoustic quality of the track and therefore of the noise emitted during rail traffic.

Our partner laboratory, the Railway Test Agency, carries out measurements with the Muller-BBM trolley.

AEF’s experts, Michaël HERNANDEZ and Elina CAMI, tell you all about it!

You have invested in a new measuring system, can you tell us more about it?

“Yes, this is the Muller-BBM trolley that measures the roughness of the rail. It is lighter than our old system, with the ruler, which weighed 43 kg


Why this acquisition?

“In order to respond to calls for tender for the approval of rolling stock and also for the qualification of tracks. The roughness of the rail must be checked to show that the track on which the acoustic measurements will be made meets the Technical Specifications for Interoperability imposed by the European Union regulations.

What are the most important new features?

“The light weight of the new system (12 kg) allows: a quick installation, it is more responsive and can make measurements until a train-on-line message is sent on a conventional line. This was not possible with the roughness ruler being considered as category 2 equipment, due to its weight. Its use meant that the measurements had to be carried out outside of rail traffic, requiring the interruption of commercial traffic.”

“This new system allows for quicker interventions and lower costs for the customer.”


“Among the new features, the trolley measurement system is faster compared to the ruler: 0.5m/s compared to 0.015m/s, allowing a greater measurement distance in the same time

An extra option with this new system?

In addition to heavy rail, the embedded rail option that we have taken offers a new market, that of intervening on “light rail” installations such as: metro or tramway, which was not possible with the ruler.

This is an additional competitive advantage for our laboratory, with new services as a key benefit.”

To sum up, what should we remember?

Three points:

  • The acquisition of this system offers a new market, that of light rail
  • It is a light device that can intervene without interrupting commercial traffic
  • It can cover great distances in the same amount of time


Are you a railway operator or builder who wants to know if a track complies with the STI? To know the roughness for Rolling Stock approval?


To qualify the quality of a track grinding?

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