Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Instrumentation and remote measurements

Installation of black box type instruments to record various parameters on vehicles in revenue service operation.

Tests objectives

  • Deliver turnkey measurement tools
  • Instrument on-demand components (axle, pantograph, coupler, buffer, etc.)
  • Develop and deliver black box type systems according to need
  • Supply reliable instrumented sensor heads (wire sensors, optical fibre, wireless sensors).
  • Collect large volumes of data during service conditions for statistical processing
  • Specific processing for infrequent occurrences requiring long-term monitoring to locate their geographical position and identify the conditions in which they occur

Tests facilities

  • IMC measuring chains (Cronos K60 Cronos Flex, Bus daq, etc.)
  • IMC studio, IMC device, IMC Famos.
  • Internal data acquisition and extraction software
  • All types of sensors
  • SPU-Box / QMR-X
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Our references

• 2007 world speed record (600 measurements – excluding fieldbus)
• Régiolis
• Régio2N ONO (introduction of new measuring chain)
• V360