Heavy rail

Design and manufacture of measurement axles

Measurement of wheel-rail contact forces using a specially equipped axle.

Tests objectives

  • Conduct finite element analysis
  • Develop a “measuring axle” sensor to establish wheel-rail contact forces
  • Modify the original axle in order to measure the lateral and vertical forces exerted on the track
  • Install strain gauges on the wheel centre to obtain the basic signals typical of wheel-rail contact forces and, by means of processing, of the lateral and vertical forces
  • Study into mechanical adjustment of devices fitted at each end of the axle (e.g. return current, coder, etc.)

Tests facilities

  • Digital calculator for data acquisition and processing
  • Calibration bench connected to reference gauges with the following characteristics:
    – Vertical axis: Forces applied up to 200 kN
    – Lateral axis: Up to 100 kN
    – Wheel diameter: 450 to 1,250 mm for a wide range of track gauges
  • Multi-channel digital telemetry system for signal transmission

Testing norms

NF F00-702 – Dynamic interaction between vehicles and tracks – Force measurement method

NF EN 14363

Conception et fabrication d'essieux de mesure
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Our references

SNCF (record du monde 574,8 km/h
en 2007)