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Water quality and industrial waste

Provide expertise in the fields of waste water, industrial waste and water intended for human consumption.


  • Waste water
    – Conduct pollution assessments
    – Optimize the efficiency of waste water treatment plants
    – Give expert assessments on water supply networks intended for human consumption
    – Ensure safe drinking water
    – Make proposals to reduce pollution at source
    – Check compliance with regulations for industrial sites
    – Conduct analyses: pH, T, MES, DCO, HCT, Pt, NTK, NO2-, NO3-, metal elements (Al, Fe, Cu, Pb, Ni, Cr, Mn, etc.), ASA
  • Identify and characterize industrial waste in order to advise clients on the selection of disposal or recycling methods
  • Assist, advise and study various environmental techniques according to customer needs (e.g. rainwater recovery)
  • Perform diagnostics and audits of environmental management policy

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  • UV spectrophotometry
  • Plasma spectrometer
  • Basic chemistry measurement equipment


ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC


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- LAB GTA 29 -

Water intended for human consumption

- LAB GTA 05 -

Physico-chemical analysis of water