Heavy rail / Urban light rail

Thermal and airflow test chamber

Validate the temperature control parameters of a railway vehicle in a dediated thermal and airflow test chamber.

Tests objectives

  • Validate temperature controls on board trains by simulating outside climatic conditions and the presence of people on board
  • Conduct investigations, research and development work on temperature control, with either new or renovated vehicles, in order to validate or improve passenger comfort

Tests facilities

Climatic test chamber capable of:

  • Simulation of sunshine, humidity and outside temperature
    – Temperature from -20°C to 60°C
    – Relative humidity up to 100%
    – Sunshine up to 900 W/m2
  • Simulation of human presence by generation of sensitive latent heat
  • HT power supply of 1,000 V DC to 2,000 V DC
  • Automatic control of the climatic parameters in the test chamber (cyclic)
  • Ability to cater for UIC-gauge vehicles up to 30m in length


ISO/IEC 17025 awarded by COFRAC

Testing norms

EN 13129-1 & -2 – Air conditioning for main line rolling stock – Part 1: Comfort parameters – Part 2: Type tests

EN 14750-1 & -2 – Air conditioning for urban and suburban rolling stock – Part 1: Comfort parameters – Part 2: Type tests

EN 14813-1 & -2 – Air conditioning for driving cabs – Part 1: Comfort parameters – Part 2: Type tests

NF EN ISO 7730 – Ergonomics of the thermal environment – Analytical determination and interpretation of thermal comfort using calculation of the PMV and PPD indices and local thermal comfort criteria

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