4 June 2019

Portrait of Mathilde Svagelski, new Eurailtest CEO

Mathilde Svagelski at the head of Eurailtest from 1 June 2019.



Mathilde Svagelski's background

Mathilde Svagelski is a graduate of ESCP, the European Business School. She began her career in sales and marketing before taking courses in railway operating techniques with a view to managing station service teams for Eurostar. Mathilde also has a keen interest in human relations and leadership issues and is co-author of a book on emotions and management in a corporate environment. Before taking over the reins of Eurailtest, she was in charge of negotiating and managing public service contracts for the SNCF Mobilités Intercity business sector with the Transport Organising Authority.

Mathilde will share her management skills and contribute to Eurailtest’s performance and development.

The Eurailtest team would like to welcome Mathilde to its ranks and is looking forward to working with her.